Welcome to tbdice.org TESTNET DEMO POOL!

0.5% fee anonymous solo testnet bitcoin mining pool based on ckpool form Technobit


To demonstrate that all unique ckpool features are working as expected.
To have a development public platform, where we can test bleeding edge ckpool code and implement new web features.


All TESTNET btc addresses mentioned below are not in our nor in Con Kolivas possession. They were randomly chosen from the testnet blockhain page just for the sake of this demo.
As long as it is a demo pool it may not be available 100% of the time like our primary pool is. However, we will do our best to keep it up and running.

How it works:

TBDice automatically takes your TESTNET bitcoin address and gives you a unique stratum connection mining to your own address.
If you find a block, 99.5% of the 12.5BTC + transaction fees get generated directly at your TESTNET bitcoin address!
You remain anonymous apart from your TESTNET btc address.
All you need to confirm you are mining to your own TESTNET address is to examine the coinbase and template sent to you over stratum.
When you find a block, just follow the link in blocks page to doublecheck where the TESTNET cions went.


TESTNET Mining URL: stratum+tcp://tbdice.org:2333 or stratum+tcp://tbdice.org:2334
cgminer -o stratum+tcp://tbdice.org:2333 -u msTiK9Wk3xL6g54GEBiXvWkxR3baSUhFrk.0 -p x
TestNet MutliSig addresses starting with 2 are properly supported. Please use https://www.biteasy.com for proper display of such blocks
Set your username to your TESTNET btcaddress with any or even no worker extension, and any password.
If you enter an invalid address it will be ignored and earnings will be generated to the following TESTNET address:mw1LZRQEFHKf2kFMnNZCGd25GKXp4bsytn
All invalid user names will turn RED on Users page.

Pool Difficulty:

Due to TetNet low diff at times and to avoid bitcoind spams with shares and possible block solves, only shares above 2048 will be submitted.
This will reflect on pool block finding times and stats. We might lower this number in the feature.
The pool is configured to start you mining at 1024 difficulty.
The pool supports difficulty setting inside your password. The format is: diff_xxxxxxx, where xxxxxxx can be any positive integer value. For example cgminer -o stratum+tcp://tbdice.org:2333 -u msTiK9Wk3xL6g54GEBiXvWkxR3baSUhFrk.0 -p diff_2048 will start you mining at 2048.
The new diff feature can be used when you are renting equipment which requires higher difficulty setting, or you just want your Ants pool stats to be accurate and so on...
You can use this simple formula to find out your starting difficulty: Instance speed in GH / 1.4. Example for 1T would be 1000 / 1.4 = 714.28 which equals to -p diff_714. Unless there is no particular reason please do not set your diff inside password string. The pool auto adjusts per instance difficulty to maintain a share rate of approximately 3 shares per 10 seconds.
All miners < 10Gh, must use diff_1 to avoid pool idle disconnects.

The pool fee is divided as follows :

0.35% goes to pool TESTNET address msTiK9Wk3xL6g54GEBiXvWkxR3baSUhFrk
0.15% goes to Con Kolivas TESTNET address mwhdUvp73wiR6gKWWzz7PhUSGc4caUCEw6


Pool: BTC address 1BUiW44WuJ2jiJgXiyxJVFMN8bc1GLdXRk
Con Kolivas: BTC address 14BMjogz69qe8hk9thyzbmR5pg34mVKB1e
15% of our fee for Bitcoin mining is directly donated to Con Kolivas BTC address as contribution for his work

We'd like to give special thanks to:

Con Kolivas - Core project lead, maintainer, author of ckpool and libckpool.
Andrew Smith - Maintainer and author of ckdb. TBDice.org is not using ckdb yet.
Luke Dash Jr and his crew. The "live pool stats idea + some js" were adopted form eligius.st.

Pool Live stats

Hashrate: ...
Users: ...
Workers: ...
Last Block: ...
Rnd Time: ...
Best Share: ...
Rnd Shares: ...(...%)
Rnd Invalid: ... (...%)
Rnd CDF: ...
Uptime: ...
CKPool: 0.8.8_MsIg++
BTCD: 0.11.0+

TestNet Live stats

Diff: ...
Last Block: ...
Rnd Time: ...